Change, Change, Change

Was it too easy to import and redirect my old Blogger blog to my new self-hosted WordPress blog? Yes, suspiciously so. I didn’t even have time to shout “Wish me luck, I’m off to crash the server,” because… well, it’s all done.

Weird how technology works how it’s supposed to work.

Tonight, I hung out watching the SOTU speech with friends at Cafe Wellstone, but then got a notice of a building class, so I tore off, built a cute little Asian cabinet (it looks vaguely retro 70’s, pix later), and then promptly lost the second project, a glass candy dish.

Actually, the class instructions were for a square one with kind of plain textures, but I had this rad Steampunk Glass texture (actually, violet pavement lights from someplace like Seattle or Portland, where they’re common). It was looking really pretty after I twisted the flared, square dish into something a little more interesting. I was all set to pull it into inventory when hey presto! it went elsewhere.

It’ll show up eventually, maybe I’ll leave out some candy. 😉

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