Whee! I can has domain?!?

Thanks to my partner Rock, I naow has a domain of which I am Queen, Empress, and Chief Prim-Twister. As my chum Mist might well say, “fear teh wahine neko. FEAR HER.”

Now to avoid the temptation: a very large parcel has suddenly gone up for sale in front of my shabby little adobe dwelling, for about $150.00 real USD American ducats. Now I get to watch the neighbors move in (and I hope they’re nice and not naked all the time, because teh smexy should never be boring).

I used to have a view of the leftover furniture and the rather nice landscaping left behind by the former dance club that must have been there before the big move of adult businesses to Zindra.

Large empty parcel in Second Life

Wanna buy some land? Not cheap?

And so, I have a view of blank green land, and no idea what I’ll be looking at, or when. It’s a weird region, Tintafel: it’s home to the Socrates Club, an Orthodox Christian church-museum, a store with flickering textures, and my randy but quiet neighbors. There’s just about something for everybody.

In “Lelani Finally Buys, Then Sells A Clue” news, I didn’t create anything today, but I did pick up some wonderful textures and even more invaluable tips at a class I attended today at K.I.E (Kokyoto Textures‘ tutorial arm).  It was conducted in voice chat, which was interesting, but the really interesting part was when we all built gift bags, put stuff in them for free, and bought them from each other. The squeaky chocolate cookie I got from someone was the best part, as no one could resist sqeezing and squeaking each other’s cookies. And I managed to get mine made, textured, permissioned (as in “give contents,”) and with “Buy on click” correctly set, too. I got an A+ from the instructor on that one.

Joined their group, as it was a very useful session for all that we wandered a bit during an interruption staged by someone who dropped by, snagged the free textures, and left. It was tacky of them, to say the least…

So I have this snazzy new domain and self-hosted WordPress blog, and as I have some experience with WordPress already, I’m quite happy with this free theme right out of the box. Yes, I’ll probably swap out the header image… but I has a neat trick! Ooo! Yes! To set it up with a rotating set of images to be swapped, ho ho! Yes, I can do that later.

Previous words to be imported from the old Blogger blog eventually real soon probably. Just as soon as I finally build something and put it out for sale, and get the shop opened up.

Have RL errands in the morning but hope to get some serious stuff done tomorrow. Because I are mistress of my domain naow, dammits.


Whee! I can has domain?!? — 2 Comments

  1. Yayyyyyy! My first comment, and it’s you!

    Teh neko is nawt so feerce, although I am making slow progress on several fronts. My skills are just not that mad yet, although I’ve made several items that may be sellable.

    Still struggling to get beyond rudimentary GIMP and Sculptypaint, plus shop issues. ::sigh::

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