Do you feel the love?

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Do you feel the love?

Pink has announced on the blog that there will be a Valentine’s hunt and is asking for people to provide full perms items for said hunt, the blog post can be read here.

Basically this is a promotional opportunity for those who provide items that are deemed worthy by the Linden panel of judges, including adult items. Although I’m very bah humbug about Valentine’s day, I recall people writing they had a lot of fun with this exercise last year.

This year, there’s a lot less love around for the commerce Lindens and of course we have the great freebie cull at Xstreet to come in the near future, allegedly, so love certainly isn’t in the air with Linden Lab but try and see the fun in an exercise like this and the promotion opportunities. Feel free to spread your love and your love of freebies around, before the big bad wolf appears to ruin all the fun.


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