What In The Virtual World Is aioSimProbe?

I was checking on the neighboring parcels today and noticed that one of the “garbage” parcels sold, and now has some kind of doohickey thing on it.


Woops, did a quick and dirty screenshot-crop, it included some chat and buttons.

Anyway, what is this for, and is it good, bad, or neutral? From the angle, you can see the trench that’s another garbage plot, and in fact this probe sits in a trench with another smaller garbage plot that’s bounded on 3 sides by a decent-sized 400m plot that’s currently overpriced for the prims it would bring.

I don’t know, it’s weird. It used to be that some ghost avatar would show up and do something in that plot, and now there’s a probe.

Fortunately not visible in the background: my neighbors, who are into kinky public antics.


It’s a beautiful day in the virtual world!

aioSimProbe is an advanced Simulator Statistics and Analysis Collector for Second Life. With aioSimProbe region-specific performance data can be easily tracked and analyzed, allowing a holistic view of Second Life region performance over time.

The initial release of aioSimProbe is available now, and with its release several key features will be available:

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