Musical Sculptures and What-Nottery

Just enjoyed a pleasant half hour listening to Flivelwitz Alsop’s first Musical Sculptures show at his undersea lair in Alsop.

I’d been missing the Sundays at his old show, but I received a group message last night that he was beginning again at a gallery location full of beautiful things to look at.

This happens to be in the undersea area, which is why everything is so dim, but there are several other levels to explore via teleports.
Lovely area, definitely worth a visit.

Side note: finally got around to playing withe freebie version of Mysti-Tool and discovered the very handy features it has, like pasting a Second Life URL (“SLURL”) into text.

Otherwise, not a very productive day so far; I was trying to teach myself how to use the free version of Ged Larsen’s LoopRez but wasn’t having much success this time, as I was trying for an ellipse rather than a mostly round choker.

Clearly, I need to spend more time learning how to make stuffs. Meantime, my alt Dhugan rented a cheap shop in Steelhead Shanghai, but really doesn’t have anything out yet. It’s just a place to call “home” for now. On the other hand, due to my own stupidity, I had left a large USD amount on the website, thinking I would be using it for tier payments for the next 6 or 8 months. The funds are from a reloadable incentive gift card that I’ve blogged about before, because using it involves jumping through about 5 hoops as SL does not directly take American Express, but the shopping site XStreetSL does.

But my yearly payment went through the other day, and completely washed out my big credit, paid this month’s tier, and then took a few dollars more from my normal credit card.

Rather than be pissed off and demand Linden Labs change the form of payment on my yearly subscription to the normal card, and credit back the USD onto my account, I decided… well, the incentive paid for 2010, plus this month’s tier of $8.00USD, but as it was a planned expense, I’d go ahead and upgrade the alt account to Premium for the year, with the benefit of the weekly stipend. And I believe there’s still a $L1000 signing bonus, so that’s Dhughan financed for the year, although I expect him to make his own way in the world peddling pictures, frames, and silver trade bracelets.

Speaking of which, I really need to get cracking, making some. I also had an idea to have him make graniteware metal plates, bowls, and mugs – the sort of thing that people on the frontier used in mining and logging camps. Which would mean, of course, that I have to learn to make such stuffs.

My friend Mist had an idea the other day for stuffs, too, so will have to get geared up for that as well.

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