End of Day Reflections

From A Former N00b’s Progress

Okay, I didn’t actually make anything marketable today, but I did:

  1. attend a reading in Steelhead City Library of E. M. Forster’s novella, “The Machine Stops,” read by Miss Riven Homewood. It was an enjoyable way to pass an hour or so.
  2. decide to delete the crap freebie house I had on the extra parcel, and rezzed the better freebie house (the one with rezzing instructions in French, alas). Once it stopped having some kind of Gallic tantrum, and I unburied the rezz box from 3 meters down so I could move it again, it was fine. It’ll probably end up being shop space.
  3. Checked out a neighbor’s new shop; he has a bad case of the texture flickers.
  4. Used a “sit-rez-gadget” I picked up at Builder’s Brewery to fix the sit poses on the corner window seat I made. Later on this week, I’ll do the same for the bench/sofa thing I made.
  5. On a whim, while changing clothes, I got the window controller gadget working for upstairs. As the “window” is one hollow, path cut prim, it’s overkill, but what the hey.
  6. Fixed the horrible case of texture flickers that my house picked up from the window prim. Ooops.
  7. Attended the first Sunday Virtually Speaking event
  8. Thought about fooling with some of the jewelry stuff, ended up reading about LinkRez some more.
  9. Had spent yesterday in Steelhead thinking about renting a cheap shop space, had to get lined up with the right group tag for that today.
  10. Went to Grizzy’s for a while, dressed up as a steampunk tart. Then went to an event that was announced in the Oxbridge Caledon channel, also a steampunk theme. Nice people, nice place – it was the Prop Spinners Pub.
  11. Commiserated with a clothing designer who thought she’d lost ALL her inventory, but fortunately it was a temporary glitch.
  12. Ended up at a friend’s “7 Seas Fishing” event where there was music and fishing. Interesting group, fishers. They don’t talk much, mostly they just fish. It was some kind of contest.
  13. Decided it was high time that I cleaned out the crappy dances from my wearable dance gadget – I do a lot of dancing inworld, and frankly my best dances weren’t actually loaded in the thing. So I opened up all three dance gadget things and copied the best dances from all to the one wearable. Then I’ll need to put the good dances in the big party ball for when I have another event.
  14. Updated my profile picture.
  15. Tried to list all the productive stuff I did for this blog post.

Actually, yesterday I was more productive in my alt persona; I found a possible location for a small shop that I MIGHT rent, although I might just use the extra parcel. In the person of my alt, though, the shop rental would be part of the mild roleplay I have in mind for him; he’s a bit of a lost soul who had to leave everything he had behind in a hurry because he ended up on the wrong side of a range war. Also, I built an easel from scratch, and turned one of my real-life photos into an old-fashioned sepia print, which is now on display in my alt’s dorm room… which was really hard to find again, actually.

I have a feeling that if I do make stuff to sell, I’ll actually get it done with the alt, because I also found a nice sandbox to use for building, which also offers free textures.

Do need to take a look at the necklace-making script and see if I can make something with it, inspired by a RL piece I saw last week.

Time now to log my brain off and go to sleep… good night!

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