What a To-Do About “To Do.”

@Ordinal’s announcement has caused a stir of sympathy and dismay amongst the #SecondLife #Twitterati. It distresses yet comforts me to know that even the most accomplished and celebrated builders struggle with completion issues, ennui, and an overriding desire to chuck it all into the outer darkness and do something, ANYthing else for a while.

I wish Ordinal Malaprop a rejuvinating break, and hope for a very speedy return.

That said, I’ve now wasted about two months since my belated burst of builder’s mania, with a mostly finished house on bare land, plus an empty shop building on another plot of bare land in Tintafel. I haven’t completed anything for sale, although Dhughan sold two items ( but refunded one due to a perms issue).

It’s high time I complete one item for sale, upload it to XStreetsl (yes, I know, it’s a start), and blog about it. Also, Dhughan is going to have his own login here and possibly blog about his items for sale. I don’t know if he’ll have to have his own Twitter account; possibly, for narrative purposes.

I’m currently working out and will head home shortly, but I can now at least say “45 minutes on the reclined bike @70 rpm, done. Completed.”


What a To-Do About “To Do.” — 2 Comments

  1. I’m currently at the author shindig for Peter May/Flick Faulds’ book “Virtually Dead” but I’m planning on making a cup of tea for Ordinal, ideally to use a texture from one of my RL pieces.. we’ll see if the light holds!

    P. S. how did you set up your image? Is it via Gravatar? Mine’s not loading… must dig into the specs here.

    UPDATE: Oh, the steamy neko finally figured it out. Was using the wrong email address, which wasn’t the one Gravatar had on hand.

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