ZOMG! So much completed!

I created another Pacific Northwest Coast-style bracelet, photographed it, embellished the image with my gimpy GIMP skillz, added it to my otherwise empty XStreetSL inventory, and got the thing listed. #Completed

Kwakiutl-style Silver Bracelet... Eagle, or Raven?

I’m not sure if it depicts an Eagle or a Raven, but I think the Raven in PNW Indian art usually has a bluntly pointed beak, and this one looks more like a raptor’s hooked schnozz.

It’s for sale on XStreetSL, it’s in a box in my mostly-empty shop inworld, and it’s also in a vendor that I just got working, that was given out in an excellent “Sell What You Make” class at Caledon Oxbridge University.

I’m about to buy some things by other builders that will make it easier for me to actually Get Stuff Done and not witter about so much; I’ve been working on a few different items for sale (as has Dhughan) but I felt I had to stop and learn about the GIMP and also get over my frustration with Sculptypaint.

Effectively, I had blocked myself from making things, because although I was kept awake at night with ideas for chunky necklaces, antique art glass, and Indian artifacts and jewelry, I could not make myself settle down and complete something. It was always on to thinking up, starting, but not finishing something else. Meanwhile, my house remains rather primitively textured, it’s not really furnished, and it needs to be completely rebuilt because it’s clear that it’s much too small and cramped inside (not to mention, too high in prims).

I was well and truly stuck, and ironically it was Dhughan who carried on in his quiet way, making things that he found useful or that meant something to him, and he made a couple of sales on XStreetSL, the cheeky basstodd, while I couldn’t seem to get started. Today, however, I found myself motivated again, determined to knock some things off of my mental “To Do” list at last.

Ready To Vend

And knock them off I have. I created and boxed the bracelet (even made the sculpty for it, too). I figured out the second vendor (which was better than the first one I tried), built a sales counter from scratch and adapted the modern-industrial fireplace the building came with so as to be a bit more steampunkish. And then I put out more furniture, but now I need more prims… so I’m eyeing that land across from me with bad intent.

It’s all because I was so saddened and moved by this post from Ordinal Malaprop’s excellent blog, which I couldn’t easily link or quote before as I posted previously via aetheric telephonic intertubal gadgetry.

I felt that I should write a final entry here to clarify recent events and the current situation.

What have you done?

I have removed every building and item of mine from the Grid, most notably, Caledon and New Babbage. (At least, I think I have; there may be a few bits and pieces left scattered about.) Ordinal Enterprises is no longer a functioning operation. I have not abandoned my land – for the moment I will hold onto it. It just won’t contain anything of significance.

I also do not plan to write any more in this Journal for a considerable time, though I may change my mind there.

Does this mean you’ve left Second Life?

In practice, probably yes, unless I ever find some new form of inspiration – though I expect I will pop back occasionally, either in relation to work, or to feed the parcel meters.

My intention in doing these things was not to leave Second Life, but Ordinal Enterprises is (or was) such a significant part of my existence and day-to-day behaviour that without it, I find it hard to imagine what I would do now.

Why on earth would you do that?

This is quite a difficult question, and may not have a coherent answer at all, but I will do my best to produce one. It will, I expect, be very self-indulgent.

Of course it’s not self-indulgent to step back and assess whether one is actually enjoying an all-consuming pastime (whether it pays its way, or whether it’s a hobby). I’ve admired Ordinal’s work from a distance for a couple of years now, and I’m just glad I finally visited her shop recently (Dhugan did, too, and has his own story to tell on that score).

I only hope that Miss Malaprop will return someday soon and rediscover the enjoyment she once felt when she was creating amazing, clever things.

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