My Walking Sticks, Let Me Show You Them

@DF@ Ivory Handled Walking Stick (Typekiller) by Dhughan Froobert – Second Life XStreetSL Marketplace

“Without my walking stick, I’d go insane…
I can’t look my best, I feel undressed without my cane.”

We shall see if the hobbling masses of Second Life beat a tottering path to my door to purchase one of 3 walking sticks.

If they don’t, I shall have to find something else to make and sell…


My Walking Sticks, Let Me Show You Them — 3 Comments

  1. Hey, Lelani!

    There’s a really nice Gentleman’s Cane AO that can take advantage of scripts in the cane to reposition the cane for different stands. I’ll get you the name of the maker next time I’m inworld – you might want to contact him about getting the scripts to make your canes compatible. (I know he’s willing to help – Hellen Allen makes some nice compatible steampunk canes.)

  2. Redwood – that’s wonderful! I hadn’t had a chance to look around for something like that, but figured it was out there. Thank you!

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