Down the Rabbit Hole

Check out this fun Second Life Machinima by Tensai Hilra and TotalLunar Eclipse!  As it happens, I was there, but this appears to show only Tensai and TotalLunar, perhaps just before the party. I’m so glad I went to this event; it was an amazing dreamlike experience – especially the “going down the rabbit hole” part. Except that I fell off the platform the first time, and missed the fancy stairs completely! So I went back and did it again, more slowly so I could watch the odd things fly past in the rabbit hole.

My business partner Dhughan lives in Steelhead City, but he was too shy, couldn’t attend, so I went in his place. I haven’t been to many events there but so far, the venues have been… amazing.  This one, for example, was a temporary “build” for the occasion, probably high in the air over Steelhead Harbor. I took a few photos, which don’t do the place justice. For one thing, the music was incredible, a combination of little-known pop gems, dreamlike vintage music, and wacky sci-fi/steampunk songs with a dance/techno beat (the best was the one about Doctor Who, actually). It was extremely funny when some Daleks suddenly crashed the party, but unfortunately I was too busy dodging shrapnel (they were rather ‘splody) to take photos of them.

I did take some of the earlier part of the proceedings, though:

Second Life Steelhead City Event:  Down the Rabbit Hole

You can see the sole surviving Dalek huddled fearfully over by the stairs; he muttered “Exterminate! Exterminate” unceasingly, but was up against an immovable object and seemed to be stuck. I rode on his head for a while, where his plasma ray plunger thing couldn’t shoot me.

Apparently, Daleks do not have a reverse gear. I did not know this… So if you are ever attacked by a Dalek, make sure it runs into a wall or something where it can’t do its signature 180-spin turn, and then step away briskly. They also are clumsy and tend to get irritated and shoot each other; we were dodging exploding Daleks for a while.

The dancing was great in the Cheshire moonlight:

Down the Rabbit Hole

I still don’t know how to remove the reflection from the glowing moon (and other light emitting objects); really need to look that up in the docs or the Wiki or the whacki-whosis-whatzit database so I know what setting to change on my camera.

Meanwhile, a very large school of flying steelhead were… flying.

Flying Fish Feathers

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