Paradise Escaped

Lelani who? Yes, yes, I’m back. Finally returned from my island home, with armfuls of flowers for lei-making and home decor,  and some pictures of wildlife,  and rather a lot of delicious smelling hair and skin products which unfortunately don’t translate well to the virtual world that is Second Life (although I may try to create a store for them here). Oh, and I got some fun hair ornaments, which I believe will translate very nicely, and have lots of ideas for jewelry, island-style.

I wasn’t able to work much while in the islands, owing to a poor Internet connection and a slow laptop, but I did have a chance to check out the beta Viewer 2.0, which was… interesting, if a little challenging on such a shaky setup. It has potential, but I hear there are frustrations with building, search, and camera view.

In the end, my departure from Paradise was more like an escape, as there was a bit of a tsunami flap on . It’s a tragedy for earthquake and tsunami victims in Chile, of course. Please give generously to the reputable charity of your choice.

However, I can confidently say that given enough warning, a tsunami alert in Hawaii is a well-run exercise, with only the poor tourists needing a bit of direction about where to go and what kind of supplies to bring along while waiting for the all-clear.

Now that I’ve returned, I’ll soon be getting down to business with the shop venture, and get some of these ideas out of my head and into my shop inventory.

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