STEAMHunt From The Gents’ Perspective

Steampunk Hunt

“Steam – The Hunt” A Steampunk hunt starting tonight at midnight from March 1st to March 31st. Its 129 stores involved so 129 free gifts to gather! Anything from steampunk hats, dresses, suits, hot air baloons, flying contraptions, furniture…the list goes on and on. Steampunk/Victorian themed, just go to the starting LM shop, and look for the hidden gear in their shop (Sample gears will contain hints) Once found it will contain a gift and a LM to the next store etc..etc. Feel free to share the LM Smiley

Starting Landmark:

Right, well.

Dhughan here, finally ready to splash out a bit and do my bit for King and Country… er, for Steely-Eyed Elf Lord and Region, as I’m currently residing in Steelhead Shanghai.

As I’m making my own way here, per Miss Carver’s instructions and expectations, it’s time to plunge in to the latest diversions of the new STEAMHunt, the very hunt that inspired Miss Carver to transform from shopping, dancing, chatting dilettante to… something a bit more creative and builder-ish.

To that end, it’s now time for me to “gear up” and go on the hunt for amazing and remarkable creations of the Steamy variety for this Spring’s version of that most excellent hunt. And I shall be offering my personal observations as I go, from the gents’ perspective as I understand there may be a bit more on offer with this hunt of interest to persons of that gender.

I shan’t have much use for dresses, frocks, or fripperies, but I am hoping there might be unisex items, at least, and shall be pleasantly surprised if there are such things as male outfits, skins and (dare one hope) hair.

My current appearance is subject to change without notice. Here is how I shall set out, but there’s no telling how I shall return tonight, as I am determined to wear my prizes as I find them whenever possible. And of course, cleaning up after oneself is only to be expected.

Dhughan: Subject To Change

Here I am, standing in front of my shop in Shanghai Steelhead, which is woefully understocked at the moment, a situation I hope to rectify in the coming weeks. I have not been able to work, having been on holiday, but before beginning I shall take just a few days to reacquaint myself with all things STEAMHunt in Second Life.

As soon as I finish with some minor tasks here, I shall set off to hunt… STEAM things.

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