Buggy? Maybe this was the problem

I heard from several (not all) purchasers of some of my party necklaces that the permissions were not as I had advertised, and that they either wanted a modifiable version or a refund. I’m currently not near my “home” computer, using an older laptop that wheezes a bit when running Second Life, so as soon as I got back to the laptop, I messed with my products to ensure that they were definitely set with the right permissions so people could either modify them, or give them to friends.

One Resident never got the corrected version, either – now that I put down to problems I was having with iPhone connectivity, but I should have verified that the replacement was actually received, how embarassing! ::blushes::

I think all my issues are corrected but I’ll have to watch this reopened bug report and try to avoid being bitten when I put out my next new product (hint, will have some authentic Hawaiian textures).

[#VWR-17467] Content being copy/mod, yet people unable to mod. – Second Life Issues

Re-opened as this is not expected behaviour and most definately a bug.

.When wearing some purchased items they will often appear to be mod/trans in both inventory and upon inspection.

.When you try to mod the item it behaves as a no-copy/no-mod item and you don’t get the red, green, blue or white resize boxes.

.If you unpack a second copy from the retailer’s box the bug reproduces for the specific item/s that was broken before.

.If you delete all unpacked copies and clear cache there have been reports that the permissions will be correct if you unpack a new copy, however this is not consistent.

.Requesting a new copy of the items from the retailer does not always fix this issue either the bug can reproduce on the same items that were broken before.

.If you drop or rez the bugged item on the ground, the permissions tick boxes will change from copy/mod/no-trans to no-copy/no-mod/trans.

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