Textures Coming From the Land of Aloha

Not able to go inworld much these days – currently have a very slow Internet connection and don’t have access to home machine and GIMP.  However, I’m gathering some textures while my typist is on vacation in Maui, you can be sure! Mostly they will be plant and flower textures, plus whatever else that is interesting catches my eye.

Getting lots of ideas for necklaces, pottery, and other wearable art while browsing shops and craft stands, too. There’s beautiful work being done here by local artists – lots of fused glass, painted silk, antique beads, and big batik floral graphics are typical here. I’ve seen a lot of chunky semi-precious stone and “Tahitian Chocolate” pearls and also freshwater pearls, too – sometimes combined in interesting ways. I’ve been noticing in my RL travels that women seem to like “interestitng” necklaces, too, and will soon be learning to replicate some favorite pieces owned by friends and family members.

Can’t do much inworld – I attended a fundraising event a few nights ago and could barely move, so building or working with tiny prims is not currently a fun and relaxing hobby, more of a frustrating chore. Also, it’s not so easy without a mouse (although I do have a wireless one around here somewhere).

I’ll be taking more pictures tomorrow, not sure if they will make their way inworld, but with any luck I may have some tropical fish pictures to add to my haul. It’s hard to photograph underwater because you can’t really see what’s in the frame very well. What with the underwater parallax (the refraction of the water changes the angle at which light and images take as they pass through different materials like plastic, lenses, air, and water again on their way through the camera). But with any luck I may have some pictures of tropical fish to play with, too.

I’d REALLY like to get a picture of a Jackson’s Chameleon, which is often found here, but that won’t be likely until a trip into the subtropical forest later in the week, on the “wet side” of Maui.

Just as a taste, here’s what plumeria (ubiquitous inworld due to their presence in the standard Library of landscaping shrubs) really look like. More of that to come, too.

Pink Plumeria

Here’s some Pink Plumeria…

White Plumeria

… and the more typical White Plumeria, which can be found in nearly every yard, every hotel and condo landscape. The trees can grow quite tall; I saw some fine old trees in Lahaina yesterday that were at least two stories tall.

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