Hufflepuff For Me

Dhughan here… very puzzled. I have just this moment discovered a knack for transfiguring myself into a very small (yet winsome) otter. I must be a late bloomer, I left Hogwarts ages ago as one of those unfortunates of society that cannot perform magic. Not to put too fine a point on it, I was a Squib and a disgrace to Pater and a source of embarrassment to Mater. This is one reason I left home in Britain and headed West, where I knew no one… and no one used to know me at school as “that Squibby chap Froobie in Hufflepuff, haw haw haw).

Well, well. There must be something magical in the air in Steelhead; perhaps it’s the near-mythical, quite mystical properties of the ore that is mined there. It must quite permeate the environs.

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a Hufflepuff!

My magical “powers” had barely manifested by the time my admittance letter arrived from Hogwarts, but off I went on the brand-new and very modern rail service that had just been installed by the Ministry for Magic. Once I arrived, I had the poor taste and lack of character to be Sorted into Hufflepuff, a House that was most assuredly not Slytherin (which would have pleased Pater) or Ravenclaw (which would have given Mater something to gloat over at breakfast).

I did all right in school, apart from my appalling failure to produce Potions, wave Wands, or search out Secret Knowledge. I had some talent with plants, even the magical ones – and I managed to Transfigure a few things, after much patient tutoring and extra work after class. May Hogwarts ever have such teachers as mine! They did their best for me, and now I am proud to say that I was their hardest working (if not most accomplished) student.

Somehow, I shall have to procure an Owl and send off a note that at long last, I have mastered the art of Transfiguring something at last: myself.

I do quite like otters and so it’s a great relief that I didn’t turn out to be something less likely to cause a stampede, such as a Double-Ended Skrewt or an exploding cup of Oolong Tea. And fortunately, I seem to be able to change back (thank goodness) more or less at will.

It’s a pleasure to finally display my House colors in my home, as I didn’t feel quite deserving of them up to now.

I may even get something to wear to the next reunion, where I shall enjoy the shocked stares of my old schoolmates when they see me in all my Ottery glory.

Tiny Inc. hogwarts hufflepuff boy kitty outfit by Etheria Parrott – Second Life XStreet SL Marketplace

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