A-STEAM-Hunting We Will Go, Plus: BOOKS

Yes, it’s that time again – the third annual STEAM hunt (which actually happens a bit more frequently than that, but time does odd things inworld).

I’ve been easing back into things, trying to get some time to get inworld. Problem is, I’m completely out of the habit, there’s much too much good stuff to watch on the teevee, and I’m behind on a lot of projects. However, with a new STEAM hunt, I think I’ll get motivated again to build stuff soon. Real soon.

Just to prove to Betsy that I’m really truly talking up her book over at SL:

That’s Cafe Wellstone tonight (it was Eklipetic night, so dancing to interesting obscurities). That’s me in the foreground, not losing my religion. The chat window shows how BookemJackson Streeter and I were talking about authors – usually I have my photos set up to not show all the chat stuff, buttons, and tools.

Turns out Mrs Books had run across Betsy’s blog before and was interested to hear about her new book coming out, A City of Ghosts. I was telling Mrs Books about how fun it would be to have some actual ghost stories read by the author at the virtual bookstore next month, and we could all come in costume. Scary! Boo! Yay! So we’ll see if that might happen or not, depending on everyone’s schedules and how weird Second Life can be for new people, especially authors of actual books.

Speaking of which, I ordered the book a couple of days ago, to be delivered by slow loris apparently. So I expect it this week sometime.

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