The Great (Steampunk) Race

Spent an enjoyable few hours inworld for the first time in ages… what finally brought me back was recalling this excellent moving picture. Sadly, I missed its recent replay on the vid-box but perhaps I shall find more clips online.

Originally considered a critical flop, The Great Race was a specular box office hit, along with another Steampunk-esque race move of the time, “Those Magnificent Men and their Flying Machines”. It was nominated for five academy award, and won one Oscar. To this day, it still retains a “75% Freshness” rating at Rotten Tomatos (per Wikipedia).

via The Steampunk Tribune: The Great Race (1965), Saturday the 27th of November, on TCM

For the most part I merely sorted textures and oddments, but on a whim I attended a class in “role-play” at Caledon Oxbridge, as I’ve never had formal training. It was quite fun, and afterwards I stumbled onto a wonderful gift in my inventory that allowed me to make a rather stylish Western-style gent’s necklace or “bolo-tie” such as is worn on the American frontier. I shall have to work with it a bit more before revealing it. It was enough to actually make something again, and think seriously about improving my existing stock. I’ve been quite stuck, creatively, and have finally dipped a toe or two back in the water.


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