Weekly Tweets 2010-12-05

  • My neighbor has very nice furniture. I can tell because she deleted her house. #SL #NPIRL #BTDT #
  • I now deserve to wear the Flaming Sombrero of Shame; have been AFK for months. Forgot how to rez a box. #SL #
  • Oooowee! Need a nifty case for my new iPad. What shall I get? Something from Zazzle.com? #
  • @socratic Holky shit, we might need that Top Gear game, too. Also you should copyright "holky." #
  • @janakyomoon Thank you for the Gatwick airport snow image. It's useful in my other life. Will try to catch a show soon! #
  • RT @VexStreeter "Free author-signed copies of Scripting Your World, official guide to scripting in Second Life outside 210E @ #iitsec2010 quot; #
  • Oh, duh. Catch up to real time, Miss Carver. #headdesk #
  • @NPRScottSimon as a Duck from the 70's, I'm baffled by this concept of "WIN," but #goducks anyway! #fb #

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