Another Parcel For Sale, More Coming

I hope some more of my Tintafel neighbors might like some primlots; I’ve sold one to the photographer across the way already. The next one is priced to prevent botting, but anybody interested should contact me inworld to talk a little virtual turkey. I’m posting via aetheric iMarconi at the moment, but the slurl is:

At least one other neighbor is actively creating; it’s a shame I’m moving on just as someone interesting is working on a fun project involving SHARKS ZOMG etc. etc. She had them swimming around her house yesterday.

I’m probably going to keep a smaller pied a terre on the mainland for building, but home will probably be in Steelhead St Helens, Boomtown, or Shanghai.

Why move, when I’ve been inactive? Because I have to break a creative block that’s been preventing me from completing projects since July or August. And throwing myself into
the beguiling social whirl in Steelhead, along with taking up with my Cafe and Cathedral friends again, is the best way to do it. I’ve always had plenty of ideas, but have problems starting; and those projects I do start are rarely completed.

The energy in Steelhead is good; I think I can make the simple project I have in mind work and be an attractive addition, and something about looking at the mountain is deeply calming to me. The visual chaos of my area of the mainland is not conducive to productive building, in my personal experience.

I’m heartened by SOME developments recently; sure, there’s a new CEO who has gaming experience. Ordinal’s quiet return to scripting and building, however, is something worth cheering about.

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