Weekly Tweets 2010-12-26

  • RT @malburns ""Virtual Bookstores in Second Life: An Interview with Jackson Street Books" http://bit.ly/hfvI21" #
  • Tenth Utah community Bans anti-gay discrimination, #10in2010 campaign FTW! http://is.gd/jfiZa #
  • RT @m_ethaniel "New from Clover's Kitchen! Peppermint Hot Chocolate: http://wp.me/pPSVr-2m #SL #SecondLife" Cute! Need to get that. #
  • @m_ethaniel Sounds festive! Just in time for double-overtime Plumber's Winter Holiday. Bleh. #
  • Swimming against the stream again, @SenatorKirk votes against START treaty, which passed safely. #headdesk http://is.gd/jfHAj #
  • RT @KyleIM "#LameDuck 2010 should forever be known as #SecondWindDuck (archive THIS, Library of Congress)" Amen, that. #
  • OKAY, thank you, over-helpful Pollyanna. Stop telling us all about the typo I made that hurt no one but me. OK, THANK YOU. Next time, EMAIL #
  • Need a good laugh, will re-read how Kenny Loggins ruined Christmas http://is.gd/jfL9f #
  • RT @m_ethaniel "New from Clover's Kitchen! Peppermint Hot Chocolate: http://wp.me/pPSVr-2m #SL #SecondLife" Cute! Need to get that. #
  • Thinking of dumping most of my mainland holdings and throwing in my lot with Steelhead. @TLEclipse, may be contacting you later. #
  • Okay, I twibboned. Do I get a cookie? On a stick? #SL #
  • New CEO at Linden Labs means change for #SecondLife but good or bad? Wait and see http://is.gd/jjSBl #
  • RT @StNickEpiscopal Christmas Eve TONIGHT at 430pm (Family) and 9pm (Candlelight) in Elk Grove Village IL http://www.stnickepiscopal.com #
  • The typist will be singing at the 9pm service, and will be wiped out immediately after. Have yourselves a merry little Christmas. #
  • .@vicwu Sure, St Nicholas is my RL church. We've probably left food pantry donation bags at their door. Christmas lights are pretty there. #
  • @vicwu It's a cute community. You should have seen the Halloween decorations. #
  • @m_ethaniel hooray for Septic Santa! Did you give him cookies and milk? #
  • Laughing. Good food. More laughing. Improv: Leah velcroed to the ceiling after bungying up to change a light bulb. Good times. #fb #
  • Exhausted typist having a lie-in. No little typists to worry about. Last night's music was glorious, we choristers survived intact. #

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