Checking Out My Old Digs #SL

I took a break from “stuffs” today to go back to my old home in Northfarthing. I “lived” there for more than a year, about half my total time since coming to Second Life.

I love what DonPaul has done with the place! He’s added mystical mountains all around,and with the new Windlight settings I’m trying with Imprudence, it looks really beautiful.

The Abbey of St Christopher’s has been remodeled – my old rooms are still there, the courtyard is still there, but there are new hallways and arcades, and more balconies for looking at the gorgeous mountains. And all around, the buildings have all been rebuilt, repainted, and new crops and livestock are thriving.

There’s a lot gone…. I couldn’t find the Green Dragon, or the Library, or the rental houses, or the market area. But some of the businesses seem to be doing well, such as over at Angels and Daemons.

I’ll have to go back and do more exploring.

NewNorthfarthing_002, originally uploaded by Lelani Carver.

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