Visit Beautiful Northfarthing in #SecondLife

Northfarthing is a pleasant fantasy-medieval sim, and recently it’s gotten a mountain-sized makeover. A lot of the old Abbey remains, but it’s been completely rebuild on one side and has lots of balconies with nice views of the new mountains, an intriguing ruin, and a beautiful rocky stone-henge.

The old Green Dragon inn is gone, and some of the other places I remember; but the remaining homes, cottages and castles are really pretty. Also, there’s stuff to buy. But the mountains were the big surprise, as there was nothing but empty sea surrounding Northfarthing before. Now it’s enclosed by a ring of lovely peaks and valleys.


The old Abbey seen from the “new” ruins. I should have waited longer for everything to rezz properly, will need to go back and do it justice.


Lighthouse and wheatfield across from the Abbey.


A… sheep. Sheeping. In the wheatfield.  I lightened these up a little with Picasa, it was actually either early dawn, or moonrise when I was there.


Sitting on the old steps across from the Abbey. Good times.


Merchants’ homes and shops – Angels and Daemons sell weapons, wings, and other gear for your fantasy needs. Probably brightened these up a little TOO much, but the textures are much richer than they were before.


Small henge, with moon and mysterious cave complex. This is located in the “new” land across what is now a sound, bay, or inlet, with the new mountains rising behind the water.

With the new textures (all the groundscape and landscaping looks updated and richly detailed) it’s like Dorothy opening the door after the twister dumped her in Oz. It was pretty before, but this is really gorgeous.

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