Online profiles: A curiosity in #SecondLife

Yep, web-enabled profiles are here and have been for a while apparently. When I looked at mine just now, I realized I needed to fix some outdated stuff.

The land is still for sale, though, and my new project is progressing although RL commitments cut into building time. Prices have been reduced and it’s finally showing in search.

Also, I put out some freebies on both parcels – a silly Ceiling Cat T- shirt I made using a photo I took at last year’s Chicago W00tstock nerdfest. Drop by, pick one up, mock my dumb half-finished build, listen to the radio in the gazebo and change the stations to your heart’s content.

The shop is open though not a lot of stuff out: it’s next to the water tower.

Walking is hard. So is flying.
Crashing is surprisingly easy, however.

My SL blog is at
My Twitter page is at

Some of my Tintafel land is for sale, a 512 and a 1024. I’ll still be building things there, but am emigrating to Steelhead St Helens.

Most interested in music, art, and other cultural offerings on SL, and dancing too. I’m also a SciFi geek. I was a Highlander fan, therefore I own many virtual swords…

Second Life land in Tintafel

512 Primlot on the West side of Tintafel

512 “Greenhouse” on the west side (contiguous with larger 1024 parcel)

Best for last:

Second Life land in Tintafel

1024 parcel adjoins Greenhouse 512 parcel

1024 “Nursery” on the west side, contiguous with “Greenhouse”

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