Weekly Tweets 2011-01-16

  • I am about to get my RL bewbs squoze. #BewbieWednesday is on Monday this week. I assume physics are enabled. #
  • And… all squoze. #BewbieWednesday #
  • Dammit, Ducks. #
  • Good thing I don't watch sports on TV #
  • Its Bewbie Tuesday in my family. RL sister just went into surgery. #dammit #
  • @MsKoro Have done, getting updates, thanks so much. About another hour to go. #
  • .@socratic iPhone contract up in June. #buhbyeATT #
  • @SecondLie As long as Pocket Metaverse runs on VZW/iPhone its Good Enough if unlimited data plan. #
  • Why I'm changing doctors: "Thank you for calling the office of Dr. Oldskool. The office is currently closed." For lunch. No voicemail. #RL #
  • Dr Oldskool doesnt call with test results, office only open 2 days a week. Dr Girlgenius called me SUNDAY, office open 6 days a week. #
  • My RL sister, the Amazon, is doing very well. She went home same day as surgery. My bewbs are A-OK even if not physics-enabled. #
  • @MsKoro Thanks, she's recovering nicely, I talked to her on the phone that afternoon. #
  • On the other paw, my unscripted RL cat probably has a chronic, slow-developing form of feline leukemia. I will need to set #PILLZ reminders. #
  • Oh no, Not more change! #
  • Headed inworld shortly after spending part of day with RL family. Fun, but will need a tasty beverage. #SecondLife #

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