Creativity Killers: The Internets, TV, Fear, And Everything Else

Creativ(ity) is an easy kill. A simple search of creativity killers yields a multitude of would be candidates: television, the Internet, inflexibility, too much flexibility, fear, lack of fear, goals, lack of goals, time pressure, too much time. The list is sizable.

via Phasing Grace | Social Architectures and Virtual Worlds: A Penchant for Creativity – Knights and Nobles.

Wow! Yes. I am a little behind on a commitment I made to myself and to others to create, create, create. And the killers are all listed above, but chiefly “fear, surprise, terror, and an almost ruthless INefficiency” which causes me to be rather disorganized… STOP LAUGHING YOU LOT! Okay, a lot disorganized when it comes to ideas, images, and inventory.

It’s so unseemly when people literally fall over laughing and kicking and screaming on the ground. Stop that this instant: admitting that I’m disorganized and need help is but the first step in a journey of a thousand sims.

At least after a hiatus of several months, I’m starting to feel like I’m getting back to where I was with GIMP, feeling more confident in my ability to actually create something of decent quality, and feeling better about the organization factor.

Fashion Faux Paws

Unfortunately there’s nothing I can do about the Total Dork factor.

Am I logged in? No. So I am not working on a new Mardi Gras necklace, and I’m seeing some sales pick up on that and also on the St Patrick’s ones, which all need to be updated and made a bit more… elegant like.

Do I have time now to get stuck in? No, because I was messing about on Facebook in my other life, not playing but working on promoting something important to me in meatspace.

Have I been watching too much television or mindlessly liking and sharing stuff on Google Reader instead of working in Second Life on my commitments? Well, Dhughan has gotten a fair bit done, I have not got as much done as I’d like. Maybe I need to reconsider my need to watch “Mythbusters” and “Top Gear” reruns?

Have I been afraid to fail? Yes. However, I HAVE put up a couple of new products, or have several things nearly ready to go. I have made good progress with re-learning GIMP, though, and that was very satisfying. More to be done, of course; but I’m feeling better about what I do know how to do.

Do I have goals, or lack them? Yes.

Do I waffle back and forth? Yes.

Do I like waffles? Yes – ON A STICK.

Am I under time pressure, or do I have too much time? Yes, and yes. I have a RL commitment in a couple of hours and will be forced to be AFK, and I really should have been inworld this morning. However, I do have time to… yes, create SOMETHING.

Yes, there it is, I HAVE CREATED A PIE MACRO. I feel better. This pie was baked by my cousin Janey, and is a family classic recipe known as “Damn Sour Pie!”  It’s always pronounced with an exclamation point, it’s full of rhubarb, and it’s not a trifling trifle.

It’s in response to this thread.

And now I’m being kidnapped into a strange meatspace…. aAaaaaaAAAAAAAAAUGH!

Some hours later, after heading off to a RL family gathering, I came home in time to check in for some dances in Steelhead and at Cafe Wellstone and at the community center at the Anglican Cathedral, and had actual fun.  Received a WONDERFUL HAT from Thadicus Cadogan at the Steelhead Electrified Ball.

Also did a tiny bit of tweaking on one of the new products; tomorrow it will be completed and listed, tonight was for recharging.   BZZZTTT!!

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