Messiah Studio for $10-40 – Just Playin’ Around Money

It’s an incredible deal for 3D modeling software. What the heck, it’s normally almost $1200 for the pro version. If enough people “dare to share,” they get the software. If not, the money is refunded (and I paid via PayPal, which can’t hurt).

It’s overkill, but may be fun to play with for Second Life purposes.

The software company pmG Worldwide is conducting a viral test marketing campaign by selling their award-winning animation/rendering engine Messiah Studio 5 for an incredibly low price.

There are two options for purchase, the first being a limited-feature basic edition for $10 (regularly priced at $499), and the full pro version for $40 ($1195 regular price).

The offer works as follows. The offer is set for a limited time. They have set a goal for the number of sales. You purchase the software as a pre-order. If the goal is met in within the time limit, you get the software. If the goal is not met on time, you get refunded your money.

The viral part is simple. In order to meet the goal as quickly as possible, you are encouraged to share this with as many people as possible.

via Dark Lord Productions Blog: Messiah Studio for $10-$40!

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