Weekly Tweets 2011-05-08

  • Next year let's celebrate #MayDay as "Mission Finally Accomplished" Day. #
  • RT @MoodyLoner "@markos Just a reminder of whats left of the GOP on national security DEFENDING TORTURE the thing only bad guys used to do." #
  • @socratic @MoodyLoner A cat trebuchet is currently within our capabilities… #
  • Or perhaps that should be trebuchat. #
  • And by the way, I want my damn jetpack, although @revpaperboy has a carbon eating ice-cream shitting unicorn I might rent. #
  • @socratic Actually, I'd like flying cats, too. #
  • @TLW3 Awesome, need to save that link. #
  • Jennifer Rubin throws @SarahPalinUSA under the flag-wrapped bus after La Palin's off-script incoherence revealed. http://is.gd/ZNefsf #
  • @JustinHammack Wait til your unicorn goes on sale on Regretsy? #
  • @revpaperboy Dammit! No jetpack! No unicorn! Maybe somebody will sell me a used helicopter (OK if needs body work) #
  • RT @JustinHammack "@LelaniCarver you can rent unicorns? where can i find a non shitting, pirate unicorn like this? http://bit.ly/gPO5yy" #
  • RT @GinnyRED57 "@RepJoeWalsh Did you vote to block Big Oil tax cut bill? Please respond, I am an IL-8 constituent, I supported that bill." #
  • @rivenhomewood In my RL company's case, our email and intranet was down company-wide, phone lists and addresses were online. It was… hard #
  • @Wonkette Will just watch Withnail and I, thanks. #
  • RT @TLW3 "Priest Ask Court to Seal Personnel Records http://bit.ly/lrud2C #px #p2" Of course, it's #nationaldayofpreyer #

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