Weekly Tweets 2011-05-15

  • RT @SecondLie "We're so freaked out about Osama's plans to attack trains, we're shutting down the SLRR and Caledon's tram for now." Heh. #
  • Havent tweeted much about this but MrRileycat's weight is up, so happy. #fb #
  • @isfullofcrap Ah. Good choice, Low Spark. Can't listen to music at work, dad rat corp policies. #
  • Dont tell GOP: RT @taterunino "@AngryOzCripple BREAKING: Disabled people to be sold to abattoirs to fund 1000 new school chaplains #budget quot; #
  • Skype will shortly become horribly bloated, folded awkwardly into IE in a badly executed shotgun marriage, and then abandoned. #
  • @taterunino They need to update the acronym from Grand Old Party to Grumpy Oldtimers' Party. #
  • @taterunino You're probably pulling my steam-powered leg, but GOP is an old nickname for the US Republican Party. #
  • @RepJoeWalsh Jobs. Jobs. Jobs. That "securing our borders" thing of yours is dogwhistle code for "keep brown future Democrats out." #
  • RT @USRealityCheck "GOP Cries Of 'MediScare' Prompt Democratic Shout of 'Hypocrisy' http://huff.to/keEO2V HUFF #HCR #P2 #US quot; #

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