It Takes Tuna To Tango

Last night’s Tunaverse Odd Ball was really nice; they had Jana Kyomoon DJing her own compositions. She was logged in from the UK (at THREE AM her time) for a 2 hour set and remarked that the sun was coming up as she wrapped up.

I was still having audio issues with the latest Imprudence build (sometimes it works, sometimes not) and after finishing up some more sorting (boring! Relaxing! Worth the effort!) I logged in under Viewer 2 (which has a newer version again).

I like Imprudence but do like some of V2’s features aside from a few niggling points (can’t figure out how to get multiple inventory windows open).

I hailed my Cafe Wellstone chum Nakaima Oh to get a landmark and showed up on the dancefloor as a little steampunk kitty, since I couldnt be bothered to change.

Nice music, nice conversation, took a lot of pictures and uploaded to Flickr. This one shows host/owners Tuna Oddfellow and Shava Nedra dancing while the pretty colors run down the drain behind them.

That’s me in the corner, losing my equilibrium.

At the end of the Odd Balls, they push the magic button and their store full of wild multicolored unisex clothes and hats rebuilds itself inside the psychedelic ballroom. I’ve never seen that before; it was impressive.

Lots more pictures up at my Flickr page


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