Linden Lab seeks fraud specialists, @SecondLie polishing resume #SL #kidding

Oh, wait, this is Fraud PREVENTION. Sorry, @SecondLie, thought it seemed to good to be true.

According to this, I’m qualified – if a year spent in AOHell as a Help Team chatmonkey a decade ago counts.

And now I wonder if SL is being uncharacteristically proactive about online casinos in 3D metaverses…. Naaaaah.

Excellent communication skills, and in particular, to be superb at social interaction whether it be in world, chat, on the telephone or in writing.
Able to multi-task, work under pressure and communicate with multiple individuals at once.
Demonstrated ability to work as part of a team, to integrate with others and to show personal initiative when called for.
A well-developed sense of humor, a thick skin and a positive outlook are all good traits to have.
Flexibility to work weekends, evenings and non-traditional hours.
A second language is an advantage (particularly German, Chinese, Spanish, Japanese, French, Korean or Italian).

Via Tateru Nino/Dwell On It

Lelani Carver is a Steampunk resident in Second Life who blogs a little about everything, and about nothing of any importance.

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