AT LAST: A new Steampunk flight-assist topper listed for #SecondLife

I’ve been wearing it enough – for months, actually, and my friend BookemJackson Streeter loves hers, so it’s not like I couldn’t go ahead and box it up for sale, right? Right!! At last! 

Have fun flying around your favorite Second Life locations in the Steamlands or anywhere with this Flight Assist Topper. In an antique Western medicine-show style, with flexi feathers and rotating, golden gears. Haida Indian sunburst detail on the gears; now you can visit Steelhead or one of the other Western themed Steampunk sims in style.This hat was originally a gift in the STEAM 4 hunt but this version gives 2 hats: one with a resize script, and one with the flight script. If you must resize, be sure to delete the script, and then you can add the flight script if you wish included.

via Second Life Marketplace – @LC@Chameleonic Haida Flight Assist Topper boxed c/m/nt.

Took me long enough; I had struggle to get a workflow going again after so long (took a long break from making new stuff after STEAM 4 kinda took the starch out of me).

Now that I’ve finally got a product listed, I may go ahead and list another new one: a lamppost that I was working on earlier that came out pretty well. I may add a flower basket to it first, though.

But I had a fun product, all ready to go – and I knew my friends liked it, because they would be wearing it when I happened to show up at Cafe Wellstone events (it’s always fun seeing someone enjoying something you made). All I had to do was refrain from endlessly sorting inventory, sorting textures into the ETO organizer, playing with my scripted cat, or going to yet another class whose lessons I wouldn’t necessarily retain, since I wasn’t actually DOING anything.

I feel like Tom Hanks in Swept Away: “I… HAVE MADE A HAT YOU CAN FLY HIGH WITH.”

Now that that’s done, I have a few more items I made recently for classes that are worth another look, and I just rezzed a new house that I’ve been modifying. I was going to build another pueblo house from scratch, but bigger… and then I found a good value on a nicely detailed house for only $L99.

I’ve moved the front walls forward to give it more room, but unfortunately the base was a megaprim (already textured and everything) which I messed up when I tried to resize it.

So since I’ve recently taken a class in adding “wall shadows” and then floor textures to a floor plan, I’ll try to work out where the textures will be for one big floor texture. In the meantime, I’ll make do with piecing smaller floor prims (which offers more control, anyway.

Oops, GIMP has crashed… time for lunch, anyway. I did what I set out to do today, though: I listed one frickin item on Second Life Marketplace for the first time in months. Now for something even MORE fast, fun, and easy…


P.S. my GIMP skillz keep degrading because I don’t use it often enough, and my photos from inworld need to be higher resolution.

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