Weekly Tweets 2011-07-10

  • @MoodyLoner Those damn fascist house gremlins! #
  • @hbahimself I've got Picasa pretty organized, sorted everything into folders based on subject: trips taken, events, #SL groups, etc. #
  • @hbahimself However I also use a Picasa2Flickr widget to make uploading to Flickr pretty painless! #
  • Made a neko tail last night at KittyCatS in a class taught by Myrddin Janus. Evangelize the shoppers! Go forth and build! #SecondLife #
  • @hbahimself Ah, but you can organize them in Picasa, and batch upload to Flickr with a plugin: http://is.gd/T6Qxz5 #
  • @hbahimself Editing in Picasa is possible, though I use GIMP for anything more than crop and simple effects #
  • Just listed NEW item on #SLMarketplace Steampunk Flight Assist Topper. Make flying high FUN! http://t.co/Gy1f1IJ via @AddThis #
  • I feel like singing "At Last," I had almost forgotten how to do product images and list something on #SLMarketplace #
  • @jacksonstbooks That was a fun one! #
  • Rats, my blog is down. It needs a happeh pill. #
  • @SecondLife @torley Will social co-posting to self-hosted WordPress blogs be possible? My blog lives in the basement…not WordPress.org #
  • @ThriftyinWhite You'll be fine – go in through the Caledon Oxbridge University gateway via Search at the end, it's a safe friendly place. #
  • If you're going to be a disgusting perv in group chat, it's probably best NOT to put a picture of yourself on the Real Life tab. #
  • @ThriftyinWhite I dabble in business, but you should talk to one of the big names, search SL Marketplace for clothing, housewares, or pets. #
  • @ThriftyinWhite Follow some of the AVs I follow, like @blakopal or @torley or @taterunino#
  • @rodvik Sparkle pony? DO WANT although lately Im obsessed with SL8B KittyCatS #
  • @ThriftyinWhite #SecondLife weddings are big business… and there's virtual dumpster diving too. Myrddin Janus has the BEST stuff in his. #
  • RT @HolocluckHenly "RT @RelayForLife_SL: A new record! US$274,118 raised by #RelayForLife of #SecondLife http://j.mp/qfcrkE #
  • RT @malburns "The mesmerizing beauty of Second Life: Filmed entirely at the Spencer Museum of Art Sim in Second Life. http://bit.ly/pEwykJ" #
  • @SecondLie NOOOOOOOOOOOOOooooooo! You're too young to de-rezz! xD #
  • RT @AbelUndercity #SecondLife ers do business, buy goods, and interact (with) these names @google. How is that not marketable? #googleplus #
  • Unsure if will be inworld tonight, spouse wants to go "somewhere not in the house." Whut? #
  • @isfullofcrap @LilithHeart Well, there's your problem. #
  • Guess I'd better start from scratch with Blender, have forgotten EVERYTHING and got totally frustrated in class last night. #
  • Heh. I finally discovered where the Windlight presets are in Imprudence. #SL #latetothepartyasusual #
  • Once #SecondLife #RelayforLife ends, #endswampass begins. @NathanFillion, I recommend @SecondLie as bagman. http://j.mp/oSzC9K #
  • Sometimes I'm building badly aligned, horribly textured plywood boxes all day and half the night. Help me, help #endswampass #
  • When I go for a drive on Route 8 in #SecondLife I just abandon the car at the sim crossing and rezz a new one. Help me, help #endswampass #
  • Just one more freebie. Just one more freebie. Just one more #SecondLife freebie hunt and I'll "go outside." Help me, help #endswampass #
  • If I tried on every outfit in my #SecondLife inventory, I'd be changing clothes continuously for a week. Help me, help #endswampass #
  • My AV pic says "hot urban vampire chick magnet." My RL pic says "silverback seeks furtive cybersex." help me, help #endswampass #

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