Not Possible In Real Life: Star Destroyers Over Cathedrals

It’s Sunday, let’s go to church: Constable’s “Salisbury Cathedral from the Bishop’s Garden” is massively improved by these Star Destroyers, no?

Yes. Of course.

This would be quite easy to accomplish in Second Life, as star destroyers are actually more common than cathedrals there.

As an occasional churchgoing man, it might be amusing to turn up for Morning Prayer at the Anglican Cathedral wearing the new “steam punk Zeppelin” new-player avatar.

In unrelated news: my KittyCats pet Minnie has informed me that she had her first kittenbox! Miss Lelani and I have been quite distracted with the creatures (her pet is called Dash) and hope not to become too obsessed. They are quite amusing, and now that the kitten has been born we shall move the cats into our larger parcel into temporary digs, as we prepare to tear down the original shop in Tintafel and remake it as a sort of walled garden with shopping opportunities.

She is also building a new home from scratch as the current building we’ll be sharing with the kitties is dreadfully primmy, though extremely well made. She is challenging herself to use clever texturing and prim-torture tricks to make a home combining style elements from the American Southwest, Steampunk, and a few others thrown in as a kind of low-prim pastiche.

I have been toying with a STEAM hunt gift skybox, but it’s constricted from megaprims and does odd things to the camera and not suitable as a workshop. I have another that might work better; after driving out Route 8 in my H8 mono wheel from Xentricity (O excellent craft, that both drives AND flies) I flew back to the “overhead” workspace, and realized it’s quite boring from the air.

Meanwhile there’s that young scamp Miss Bugginia slacking off and skiving off with her friends. Things are getting complicated.

Think I shall toddle off to services. As a Zeppelin.

via Cathedral with Star Destroyers – Boing Boing.

Dhughan Froobert is a Steampunk resident in Second Life who putters around with prims and takes pictures of same. He occasionally manifests as a small Victorian otter.


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