Getting good Body Proportions in Second Life (Bug, Please Take Notes)

This seems like a good starting point for Bug, who needs to mess with the sliders a bit to make herself look more… like the little red-headed tomboy she’s supposed to be.

The bulk of what I’m posting below is my own re-phrasing of a guide posted on the official forums by Penny Patton. The forums have a habit of disappearing or getting buried, so I wanted to make a blog post with the same general advice. I know, only in SL would anyone consider a blog to have more viability of lasting than the actual official forum…Apart from the issue of proper height in Second Life, over which there is oddly no agreement… most avatars in Second Life have grossly improper proportions.Proportions are not something you can really debate – you’ve either got them right or you’ve got them wrong and its basic anatomical science over which you have.

via Getting good Body Proportions in Second Life « Pussycat Catnap’s thoughts.

She will also be looking at making some simple prim hair from a script, and if she needs to resize it will be looking to avoid the “resize script in every prim” mistake by using a good quality linkset resizer, such as this one found at the Marketplace that was placed as a community service by Pussycat Catnap.

I was at a class at Builder’s Brewery yesterday, making a nice little garden pond for the front of the new house area, and there was a call for people to not only check their ARC (avatar rendering cost) to reduce lag, but to check the number of active scripts their wearables contained. Someone rezzed a nifty signboard and gave it out that showed people BY NAME and the number of scripts they were running. One male AV, who was apparently helping to run the class by sitting on one of the “male sit” pose balls as a demonstrator of the project, had an ARC of more than 8500!! And he was shirtless, shoeless, and not wearing visible jewelry! How is that even possible unless he was wearing nano-particle scripted nose hairs and unseen weapons HUDS??


Getting good Body Proportions in Second Life (Bug, Please Take Notes) — 4 Comments

  1. Oh hey been thinking of making some prim hair someday myself. Dreadlocks – on the ‘sometime in the next year or two’ list… 🙂

    If you don’t want to get that linkset thingy from me, here’s the original straight from the Lindens source:
    – The one I put on marketplace is only there because not everybody is geek enough to read the script library (self included, only found this one when a friend pointed it to me in showing me her lag-free 300-prim resize necklace. I guess she didn’t realize that not everyone reads the script library and knows the code behind SL ;), so it ended up being me that posted the thing to Marketplace).

    I have a freebie inworld in my shop that counts script usage. I don’t sell it on Marketplace because I didn’t make it. A guy gave it to me and told me to pass it out. But if you’re on V2 you can also check script usage by going to (for some odd reason) About Land. There’s a script usage button at the bottom of the first tab. Yeah – in About Land. Pesky code geeks, who’d think to check their personal script usage by looking at a screen for the land of the place they’re in? 🙂 And just to throw another curve – in the estate tools of performance in one of the advanced menus you can see script time. But its not broken down unless you’re the estate owner (Governor Linden for mainland, or a sim owner) – BUT if you go to an empty sim and check it, and average it over a reasonable wait, then rez something, and check it an average that again over a minute – you can get an idea of the real impact scripts are having. Script time is more important than script memory… (usually but -not always- more memory = more time) which I guess is why they make it harder to analyze… because making it easy would be too useful or something… 🙂

    If you can’t find an empty sim – look at Blake Sea, the sea north of Bay City, or the 80m deep seas in southern Sansera. When they don’t have bots hiding in them they tend to be near empty. Great for testing lag of single items. There’s one in Sansera that allows near sim-wide build but at 5min return: just long enough to test.

  2. Thanks! I think the class I took a month ago was based on her tutorial, it was similar but the class script resulted in a fuller head of prims to start with.

  3. I saw some great dreadlocks the other day with beads and rings textured right into the hair.

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