Weekly Tweets 2011-07-17

  • @TunaOddfellow Glad to see you're tweeting #
  • @TunaOddfellow Shall think colorfully patterned thoughts for you both, then. #
  • @hbahimself Attaburro! Keep at it, I sorted thousands of RL photos by trip or event after an upgrade, tedious but worth it. #
  • @TunaOddfellow Art is life, thanks for the reminder. http://moby.to/2hhtor #
  • Happy chance: the Artisan app for iPad is on sale for 99¢ (a fun paint/sketch tool) #
  • @m_ethaniel Looks like FUN! I did a tiny bit of that years ago in the distant duchy of Madrone. #
  • News Corp "Criminal Enterprise?" I think Paul Krugman got it in one. http://is.gd/rdUwN6 #
  • Attention Draco fans in IL: RT @TribLocalHMac "Harry Potter star Tom Felton" in Woodridge and Naperville http://trib.lc/mPwXIX #TribLocal #
  • Rather than calling it "raising taxes" how about calling it "restoring taxes" to their non-delusional levels? #
  • @RoisinSL Thanks, it seems a lot of policies dating from the "we make our own reality" era need to be rooted out. #
  • . @RepJoeWalsh I don't support your policies or share your concerns, yet I am a constituent. How can you possibly represent my interests? #
  • Oh yes, Bush and Cheney were war criminals. But investigate imaginary "liberal thugs" if you must. http://is.gd/keN0tj #
  • @m_ethaniel Still have peasant garb in case we feel like hitting Bristol Faire this season. #
  • @redwoodr Heh! I recently had to log in as me and an alt in order to parter our kitties. Very weird… #
  • "Parter" and "partner": so close in spelling, so far apart in meaning. #
  • @redwoodr Careful, or she'll have you charged with altal neglect! #
  • @RepJoeWalsh Don't you mean "restore tax rates to historic levels?" #
  • Er, @RepJoeWalsh How big was that multi-trillion debt on January 19, 2000? Oops! It was a surplus, and then Bush, 9/11, banksters, and war. #
  • Words of encouragement from Ira Glass to creatives: http://m.mymodernmet.com/profiles/blogs/great-advice-for-creatives #

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