Weekly Tweets 2011-03-13

@CraigyFerg You're a robot?!? What's your favorite lubricant? #punchlinepending # RT @ebertchicago "The Vicar of Baghdad: Iraq's' only Anglican priest. http://ind.pn/eyR2fP" # #SL Victorian Party Beads on sale https://marketplace.secondlife.com/p/LCVictorian-Mardi-Gras-Party-Beads-SALE-L75/1961903 # @socratic I spend my #RL on hold; there's a certain … Continue reading

Creativity Killers: The Internets, TV, Fear, And Everything Else

Creativ(ity) is an easy kill. A simple search of creativity killers yields a multitude of would be candidates: television, the Internet, inflexibility, too much flexibility, fear, lack of fear, goals, lack of goals, time pressure, too much time. The list … Continue reading