Listened to Radio Riel: Una Música Brutal Last Night, It Soothed The Savage Builder

Dhughan here, recommending Music For Builders. Whilst messing about with floating lanterns that fell 500 metres and buried themselves in abandoned mines in Steelhead St Helens, I listened to an excellent programme, hosted live by Carter Denja. Radio Riel is essential to maintaining one’s cool while excavating down to the Second Life water table to find physical objects set to float… wait for it! on the surface.

My other floating lantern, which Miss Bug made in a class project, floats so enthusiastically that it would go into space if not constrained by a ceiling.

Clearly, more study (my take, break, remake method) is required.

Soothing music will be required in vast quantities. Thank goodness for Radio Riel.O

Tango Night is back! Tonight’s Monday Night World Music explores the heart-racing thrill of this Argentine music form. From masters of the orchestral form like Astor Piazzola, to legendary vocalists like Carlos Gardel and Julio Sosa, to the modern electrotango pioneers like Carlos Libedinsky and the Gotan Project – get ready to dance the night away in sultry style.

This was an excellent show, wonderful music, and hope to tune in again. I usually stay on the Riel Reverie stream, but the Main channel has interesting programs with actual hosts.

Link: Radio Riel: Una M̼sica Brutal РTango Night, 6-8:30PM SLT

Dhughan Froobert is a Steampunk resident in Second Life who putters around with prims and takes pictures of same. He occasionally manifests as a small Victorian otter.


Listened to Radio Riel: Una Música Brutal Last Night, It Soothed The Savage Builder — 1 Comment

  1. I laughed when I read about your floating lanterns falling – I experienced it myself with my Toro Nagashi Lanterns. They drifted so beautifully on Linden water, but were evil to hunt down from neighbours parcels along our river, who did not have auto-return on. Or customers who bought them, and rezzed them in a skybox – THUMP.

    Despite the fact that they were meant to float away downstream, I thought that littering was not the thing to do 🙂 So now to be politically correct, I include an unscripted version – not as much fun, but they stay put ^.^

    Now to go look for the stream url you mentioned .. have a nice day!

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