New World Studio: French news article needs translation

This article discusses some Improvements to New World Studio that are coming soon that I’d read about on Hypergrid Business, with some new preview images.

Side note: they are looking for testers.

I don’t speak French but I speak enough Spanish and Italian (and have seen quite a few subtitled French films) to get the gist. It follows similar announcements the developer, Olivier Battini, has made on NWS’ Facebook group about improvements; what interested me was the article writer recommends and links to the Dolphin Viewer, an easy and solid choice for connecting to OS or SL.

DV doesn’t have import/export capability yet as far as I could see, though I need to do a reinstall on it anyway as it’s updated weekly.

Currently only Imprudence and I think Cool Viewer have import/export, although OARs and IARs (OpenSim and Inventory Archives) can be saved via the NWS console. Most OS content creators seem to use Imprudence. It’s best to stick to clearly labeled open source content, too.

As I’m a relative latecomer to the OS mileu (French!), Second Life’s confusing statement about physics licensing worries me; it could screw Open Sim third party viewers up. More on that from Hypergrid Business here.

Link: New World Studio : Créer gratuitement votre propre monde virtuel


Image showing the new login screens in English and French. Other images show a default OAR to load up from a drop-down menu.

I wonder if Olivier is aware of Ina Centaur’s default avatars archive?

Développé par Olivier Battini, New World Studio a pour vocation de simplifier considérablement la création de mondes virtuels et régions sur son ordinateur personnel. Ce programme est conçu pour être accessible au plus grand nombre. Pour vous connectez aux régions que vous avez créé, il vous faudra télécharger un client, je vous conseille Dolphin Viewer.

Télécharger Dolphin Viewer (Disponible pour Windows, MacOSX et Linux, descendre la page pour accéder aux différents liens)
(Removed download link – LC

New World Studio comprend, dans son installation, tout le nécessaire à son fonctionnement. Il intègre une version récente de Diva Distro (une distribution spécifique d’OpenSim permettant d’ouvrir directement son monde virtuel au public) complète et préconfigurée, une interface complète et des fonctionnalités supplémentaires. Toutefois, il faudra peut-être que vous mettiez à jour .NET Framework pour Windows et Mono pour Mac et Linux.

The main points (somebody please correct in comments):

  • Free, open source utility that permits the user to easily create and manage virtual worlds, based on Open Sim and the Second Life platform
  • Simple creation of virtual worlds and regions on your home computer
  • Download a client (example: Dolphin)
  • NWS contains the latest version of the Diva Distro, an optimized package of Open Sim that is already preconfigured, with an interface for special functions
  • Installation does not require any technical knowledge
  • Number of regions/objects limited only by the power of your computer
  • Preconfigured public access via the Hypergrid
  • Default avatar(s), default regions or full OARs
  • Command line access tab for expert users

Etc., etc., my knack for cognate words fails me at the end there, it’s something about a highly anticipated release.

That’s for sure, Olivier just updated the Facebook page with an image and notes that the graphical interface is working. It’s… 1am his time.

I’m looking forward to the release, but will have to wait until this weekend and my hardware upgrade. Le sigh.

Olivier’s work will bring NWS up to the latest Diva Distro version, (which includes non-player characters and pathfinding). Lots of old users looking forward to the new version, and perhaps many, many new users will find it easier than ever to have their own virtual worlds.

With the update there will be easier choices: megaregion versus single region, default OARs, easier terrain and archive loading, and some other features making it unnecessary to open the console for the less technical among us (ie., me).

So that’s the gist of the article; pretty much what @MariaKorolov said to expect, but in French. I’m just amused that I’m able to (mostly) understand the article.

Olivier Battini maintains a support sub-forum for New World Studio (the ‘main’ site is for his hosted New World Grid’) in French and English, as well as the bi-lingual Facebook group. Check there for updates.


New World Studio: French news article needs translation — 1 Comment

  1. Hi Lelani,

    I just found you article.

    Concerning the main points, while the current version requires you download a client, the future release will ship an Imprudence viewer, so you would only need to click a Login button in the New World Studio interface to connect.

    The current version is based on OpenSim 0.7.1 and the compatible Diva Distro, but has not been updated yet. It also uses Diva Wifi for world registration etc…

    Also upcoming is the public worlds search engine where everyone will have its world page to share with his/her contacts. There will also be a new official website with all related resources 😉


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