Stupid Trojan Horse Encounter

…o… then the open road beckoned on Routes 9 and 10, so I rode various zombiemobiles owned by AnnMarie Oleander/Otoole/OSomething, notorious vehicle spammer/scripter. The steam roller was pretty good, actually; it mowed right through the ice cream truck (I HATE THE ICE CREAM TRUCK) and the school bus (hate that one too). But it met its match in the Trojan Horse and got knocked catty-wampus pointing in the wrong direction.

I couldn’t get it to reverse direction, so I went on with one of my own vehicles (the redoubtable Xcentricity H8wheel) for a while. Had to sneak down the side of the road when the zombie tank approached… I had wondered about these vehicles, and finally found something at a certain provokying blog that explained the distinction between Ann Otoole, helpful forum denizen, and AnnMarie Otoole, vehicle spammer. Glad I got that worked out.

I’m just glad my Oui Coupe turned up in my inventory; I tried to rezz it after falling off of the H8wheel and it never appeared.

Must go on another roadtrip soon, I just drove the loop mindlessly, or flew, while listening to music. More on the “mood” in a moment.

Stupid Trojan Horse Encounter, originally uploaded by Lelani Carver.

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