Into The Unknown

Let’s face it, I’m totally blocked, creatively.

Part of that is that I suck as a builder, unless I bother to put the time in it, and I haven’t lately (“Yeah, yeah, excuses. Rezz a box.”).

Part of that is that I lack confidence in doing a good enough job at it (“get ahold of yourself! Buck up!”).

Part of it is that I’m not that creative – I’m more a “follow the recipe” person rather than a “follow through on an idea and just GET IT DONE” person.

But I do take pretty good pictures now and then, give myself credit there. Must do more of that.

This is one end of a mysterious tunnel I found last night under a body of water in Seorakasan Sea. I was on either route 9 or 10 (things got kind of confused after the Trojan Horse incident) when the road took a steep dive down to the water and into an abandoned, flooded tunnel.

It was really… really interesting – quite a long walk (by then I’d lost the H8wheel and couldn’t rezz it anywhere) and it was too low to fly. The lighting was really evocative (My Windlight setting was Barcelona, the water setting was Coral Sea at that point).

There were some mysterious builds beyond the glass walls of the tunnel, and some wildlife under the water. Even a crashed airliner! Also, some of the ground level builds were good quality (including a really nice overwater bungalow). It was a pleasant way to just “be” inworld.

I stepped into the unknown and came out the other side – this is the view of the far entrance. It was very calming and I continued on until I actually closed the loop and got back to the starting point (or close to it) in Chilbo again. Ended up by checking out a photography exhibit I found.

I’ve been mostly absent from the social whirl inworld for a while now, because RL concerns took precedence. I just got busy, we had stuff to do, the pet needed vet stuff, et cetera. The big thing, though, is a family member is ill, (actually a couple of them have various ailments, my partner and I have a few people to be concerned about at the moment).

However, this particular dear one called us last night to update us; just since last Saturday, it seems a new “stage” has been entered. Not the final one, maybe, but one less than there was last week.

“Stage.” Ugh. It’s a horrific and humbling journey, taken in stages, this one. And we’re helpless to do more than offer love and support. “We” here in my household, and in my family, and in our larger circle of friends and acquaintances. It’s a new stage – and there’s probably not more than one to go.

Yes, yeah, it’s… awful. And there’s so little that we can do about it.

Please throw a few Lindens in any Relay for Life vendor you see, or donate to any real-world RFL fundraiser you know of, because cancer is a bitch that needs to be taken down.

I’m going to toss a few more things in the RFL vendors at my shop in Steelhead St Helens, and I think Dhughan has a few doodads he can throw in as well. I’ll at least have some free time this weekend and early next week to think about throwing some sort of quickie event together.

We’re supposed to be “off” next week having fun (possibly with a trip to the Kingdom of Magic and a visit to see Her Serene Highness, Gloriana) but really, I just have this bad feeling in the pit of my non-mesh stomach. Will hope to see friends inworld soon, and spend more time finding inner calm like I did last night on the road.

Into the unknown we go, unsure what, if anything, is on the other side.

Thanks for reading, sorry for dumping. I think I’m going to go listen to some music and goof around with… a box.

Into The Unknown, originally uploaded by Lelani Carver.

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