Weekly Tweets 2012-05-06

  • Time to get serious about my #SLMarketplace stuff, IF mah internets chubes are finally unblocked. #
  • @wizardgynoid You'll catch more if you bait with bacon. Just sayin'. #
  • @MoodyLoner I'm sure my congressman is on that list. He's re-branding from "deadbeat dad" #
  • @GeorgeTakei RSVP ASAP OMGWTFBBQ! (that's really wonderful! Are you able to attend?) ;)))) #
  • Anarchists? Looks more like the Herp-a-Derp Perps. http://https//mobile.twitter.com/WKSU/status/197326003205455872?photo=1 #
  • RT @m_ethaniel Once more with feeling! Gridcache: Birding in CyberCyde: http://t.co/Em6no1uO a side project of mine in another grid. #
  • @wizardgynoid A-frames can also be pretty upscale, popular as second homes in mountain states. Loft bedrooms, big windows 😉 #
  • I could have enough tier for a #Linden home if I swapped things around. Could rez furniture out… but then who would the neighbors be? #
  • I'm in a mood. Drinking a virtual and real beer and riding a self-navigating tractor through.. Chilbo? #SecondLife http://t.co/FuldHsrM #SL #
  • I talk to people in Derby (UK) often. Watching coverage of the Kentucky Derby, yelling "DAAHBY! DAAHBY!" at the screen. #

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