Ermagerd! SCRIRPTING in #SecondLife, Tiny Style

Bug went all tiny tonight and wandered into a scripting class in Raglan Shire given by Toady Nakamura, and learned 6 magical things before bedtime. ERMAGERD!


Here she is playing with a scripted box that did different things when touched. Instructor Toady Nakamura had a “paws-on” approach to the material, you can see the edge of the panel she’s sitting on, which illustrated how “states” and “events” are done in Linden Scripting Language (LSL). At one point, Bug got her box to display funny phrases in hover text, like “ERMAGERD! SCRIRPTIRNG!”

Then after making new friends and learning WAY more about scripting than ever, she went off to Caledon Oxbridge University and caught the tail end of a hat-making class using ordinary prims. So she plunked herself down and made one, using profile cut tube prims and a slightly flexi crown. She had even made a skirt earlier with Vint Falken’s gadget, as she was in a DIY mood.



She wanted me to make a note of Toady’s scripting (SCRIRPTIRNG) wiki, because all of us could use some of these handy scripts. All in all, she had a productive evening and loved being tiny.

I love finding useful scripts here in the Wiki, but most of them are aimed at AWESOME scripters, not beginners. I use this page to store handy scripts & links to helpful pages … like the Scripts Library. Stuff I’d like to play with more includes Racter AIs & stuff from Wizardry & Steamworks.

I rezzed 2027 days ago and learn something new every day.I edited a series of half-finished old tutorials called LSL 101 – and got thru ’em all July 7, 2012.

via User:Toady Nakamura – Second Life Wiki


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  1. You’ve got Vex’s book, right? (Scripting Your World) I don’t know if it’s actually still in print, but I’m sure Bookem and Dano can dig up a copy or two still…

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