Gearing up for STEAM 7 in #SecondLife

UPDATE: Apologies to the person who tried to buy an item from a non-working vendor. New vendor goes live tonight. /me whacks head with stick

Dhughan here, finally getting “on the stick” as it were. Rather embarassed to admit how little headway I’ve made with my products since this pompous and self-important post. However, the new shop in Tweddle is open. my parkland in Steelhead St Helens is soon to sport a wee cabin, and I’ve finally begun making new items and improving older ones.

There is now a free AO (men’s and women’s) in a box at the Tweddle shop (the landmark is in my Picks).

Must add it as a freebie to my Marketplace listing and also add it to existing walking stick listings. The gent’s version has been added to the Swirled Steampunk and Ivory-Headed walking sticks listings.

On my list of Things To Be Done:

Must retire the older Jade stick (unscripted) and replace it with a better jade one now in development. Perhaps put it out as a freebie in the AO box after updating it with the cane-control script, people could try as a demo.

Must continue to invite customers to my Further West Updates Group, in spite of near-fatal Shy Person Syndrome.

Must test another good cane AO and see if the cane configuration card can be adapted to work well with it.

Must photograph self in various poses with my free AO along with the infinitely more dapper poses offered by Posture is Everything’s GJ Cane and Gentle Jim AOs. And then add those to my cane listings.

Must make some more lamps, photograph and list them.

Must finish the new vendor(s) tonight, lost another sale due to my incompetence setting up that gorram 1-prim vendor currently in the shop.

Must gift all past purchasers of sticks with the AO. STEAM hunters got an older version, pity I was too shy to put out a spammy group inviter. Must photograph the Shanghai stick and list it on Marketplace. Current update group members will also find the Shanghai stick, which was the most STEAM 5 gift, in the group notices (BLATANT CLUE, SEARCH FOR THE GROUP AND JOIN, my minions).


Gearing up for STEAM 7 in #SecondLife — 4 Comments

  1. One of these days, I’m going to create something steampunky and try to join the next hunt. One of these days…

  2. You should DO EEET! The deadline for STEAM 7 is 31JUL, the hunt stares 1SEP, and the theme is “H G Wells: Time and Space.” I was at a recent Steampunk party with a Verne “Trip to the Moon” theme and there were fun space suits. There ought to be more to Steampunk fashion than gears and brown leather.

    To apply, I think you drop a notecard in a Dropbox, I’ll get you the specifics. You do SF and Fantasy genre, it seems like a good fit to me!

  3. Space suits? Hmmm – I’ve got some “steampunk fabric” textures from some of the earlier hunts, and I could modify my Wanderlust suit – steampunky fabric/leather for the bodysuit, and copper-colored metal…

    Or maybe just do a copper version of one of the Gynoid avatars and add some gears to the accessories 🙂

    Let’s see if I can get something together this weekend…

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