Oh Good, Dhughan Has More Time To Procrastinate Converting Items At #SLMarketplace

I’ve got several deadlines to meet before the typist goes on vacation to the western wilderness in a mumble-mumble days’ time.

One of them just got pushed back, which benefits Dhughan rather than me, as I’ve finished converting my SL Marketplace listings (such as they are).

We have extended the Magic Box migration to October 1, 2012 and will be providing a more complete Marketplace/Direct Delivery update within the next couple of weeks.We’d like to remind those of you who see any issues to please file a JIRA or contact support with your issue so we can confirm and address any problems.

via Re: Marketplace and Direct Delivery Update – Second Life

Okay, good for Dhughan, who only has his walking sticks converted (he got stuck in update hell last night).

We’re both (“both,” hee) also converting our stuffs over to the new vendor system (thanks for the recommendations, Red and Mistletoe). Sticking with Caspervend for now as it’s a smooth process and integrates pretty well with the Marketplace.

Besides vendor stuff, listing some items tonight that I’d had in the infamous one-prim vendor at the shop. While I was at it, I realized I needed to edit the marketing images I’d made quite a while ago, and OH JOY, I could not open them on the new computer, they didn’t make it across the divide like just about everything else.

So that was fun crawling around under the desk and rummaging in the Black Hole of Discarded Computer parts finding a keyboard and monitor and mouse, but eventually I got the old computer running (still comparatively decent aside from the dire Intel onboard graphics) and got some of the files.

Then I did a complete reorg of all my “marketing” textures on my hard disk, and got 3 more vendors set up besides. Plus I found stuff in my folders I’d gotten aalllmost ready for primetime before I lost steam last year. So the “working” part of my inventory is really organized, with folders that are numbered so relevant stuff is handy.

Unfortunately there’s still dozens and dozens and dozens of unsorted “play” folders. But I managed to update something, list a couple of things, and generally Get Things Done.

Not a lot of fun, but I somehow didn’t want to sit through the Olympics (although I love the spirit, I can wait for the highlights).

It’s Dhughan’s turn to get stuff done later – and we’d both better decide if STEAM 7 is in the cards, the deadline for submission is July 31.

I’ll be listing some Hawaiian quilts at the marketplace after verifying the sources – one of the best images is share-alike, so that may become more of a display item.

New builds in mind:

  • rustic wooden bedframes to go with the old-fashioned wool blankets and quilts
  • tiny rustic wooden bedframes to go with the “pet beds” (because hello, PETITES)
  • Chunky ethnic semiprecious necklaces because… I like them, I guess
  • Dipping a toe in the Blender pool, have some pretty Art Nouveau textures.
  • HATS. HATS. HATS. And gloves

And now, typist must crash. More procrastinating to put off tomorrow.

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