Firestorm Update-o-Rama and NEW shop news

Of course I have to check this out, I’ve been bouncing from one viewer to another recently and had been missing some of Firestorm features because I’d mostly been on Dolphin.

This Firestorm update is HUGE with regard to features, fixes and improvements, and it brings us to 99% feature completeness compared to Phoenix. Almost four months in the making it is easily one of our biggest updates to date. Not only that, but it’s thoroughly quality tested by our revitalized Quality Assurance team using new structured test procedures by more than 100 dedicated beta testers! They’ve been REALLY busy!

via Phoenix Viewer – Home

I’ve just done a clean install and I’m about to head in and see a woman about a parcel.

In the meantime, I’ve dipped a toe in the Firestorm-JIRA pool over something that had been bugging me about my previous version of Firestorm, which may be related to my new graphics card, settings, or finding the proper driver.

So far so good, no problems with the bright pink screen I’d been seeing, which looked like this on my normal, “High to Ultra” settings:

But just now, I crashed when I took a photo… eep! However, that was just the first time, have logged off several times. I’ve been on Ultra with shadows, no pink screen since the clean install/upgrade, still on the same nVidia driver. So, there’s that.

I’d been unable to purchase land for my marketing group dabbling; it may very well be that I’m not calculating the group discount right, I’m short on tier, and although I get the 3 green checkmarks for “OK, you have enough tier if you purchase for group,” it’s failing silently.

UPDATE: Yes, that’s what it was, a silent fail due to lack of tier. So Dhughan tiered up for $5, instead of me tiering up for $7.00 to the next level. So then he went shopping for land for two nights, since we had a lot more wiggle room. The typist did all the grunt work, though.

He missed several golden or nearly perfect opportunities, looked at a lot of ugly cut-lands and horrid primcruft, and then stumbled onto a plot that was roadside in a charming area of Tweddle. It’s the exact size we could get, 1686m. He’s even got his old vendor up, with some odds and ends to dress the place up.

The neighbors are a garish mall on one side, but some wonderful builds across the way. He’ll post more later, but hopes people will drop by for tea on the roof (look for the balloon).

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