Weekly Tweets 2012-07-15

  • Adult medieval village in #SecondLife Shambles in Hornbeam opens with low cost/low prim shops and homes. http://t.co/Po5gdDTd #
  • Check the #SLurl map out, the $Lenis Gallery is on top of the Sacred Yoni. #ItsAZindraStateOfMind http://t.co/Po5gdDTd #
  • Arrrgh. Tried to buy a nice parcel last night, #SecondLife land purchase #FAIL #
  • Dhughan got all inspired by @torley 's tuTORial last night and thinks he'll get busy making stuffs again. #SL #
  • Actually, I did something fun with a projection light on one of my existing products. So thanks, @torley #
  • The St Nick's parish picnic starts now! Hawaiian shirts, lawn chairs, and a side dish to share… http://t.co/2bTP9BGO #

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