GO Relay!! Steelhead Salmons Represent!

UPDATE PENDING for how this turned out to follow, with pictures20120713-113754.jpg

I haven’t been as active as I should have been for my team’s events, other than attending and donating items via vendors or last week’s awesome auction event.

At the Town Hall meeting Tuesday, the Platinum Award for raising more than $L500,000 sat on the podium. Team Captain Fuzzball Ortega looks forward to getting hitched this weekend (Miss Eugenie Burton, the blushing bride to be, says SQUEE!), and he’ll also be wearing THE HAIR for a lap and a dress too.

I should have made good on offering to help build. My fantasy was that building, creating, and immersing in the role of a shopkeeper would be a good distraction from worries about my MIL’s struggle with cancer. The reality was that I froze up when I was inworld, spending a lot of time listening to music and playing FreeCell.

Even now, RL appointments and gatherings may prevent me from participating in Relay Weekend. I hope not to miss the Luminarias Ceremony Saturday night and maybe walk the track at weird times.

But enough about me.

This is Relay Weekend, when dedicated volunteers celebrate months of effort with wonderful builds and music and events, all to fight a terrible enemy with love, courage, tenacity, and commitment.


It’s time to school up and swim as one.

When visiting the RFL track, make sure you head for the Welcome Center when you first arrive. Here you can obtain the Pedometer and the Walk and Talk attachments by touching the Track Tools sign. These will measure your progress around the track and allow you to socialize while automatically walking around the track.

Link: RFL: 2012 The Relay Weekend is upon us | Living in the Modem World

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