Material properties for #LLPatterns and a few screenshots

I’m looking for information on the latest update of Linden Lab’s Patterns – for some reason screenshots were not working for me, where previously Steam has a hotkey of F12 that automatically sets up a screenshot and saves (in a kind of obscure folder) as private, or on their overlay console as a public shot. At the Patterns community forum, I ran across a discussion of materials testing that has been added to Wikia. Someone else pointed out there needed to be another study based on the isosceles triangular pyramid and the prism shape, so I expect the fellow will update soon.

In the meantime, here’s a shot of the new bridge. It’s very plain – I may go back and add some decorative edging, which also ties the central more strongly together.

I played around with back-cutting the very large high-rise in the new area, which isn’t so high now that I lopped the top off. But I kept squinching myself in small spaces (I’m cutting up the back wall, removing only the prisms that are fully anchored to the support pillar). It’s a pain to get back there after breaking myself, so I fooled around making ramps instead of having to scale the heights like a rock-climber, and then after a break, fooled around some more making other stuffs. No buildings, as yet, but I’m considering a design.

This is a list of substances in patterns and their physical properties n.l. Weight, Compressive strength and shear strength.

Compressive strength refers to the ability of a cube to withstand pressure directly from above.

Shear strength refers to the ability to withstand moments acting on the side of a cube.

These value were calculated by testing each of the substances in cube form against other substances in cube form

via Substance Properties – Build Patterns Wiki

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