Nice article about @rodvik and #LindenLabs and #SecondLife and Creativity and STUFF!

As it happens, it’s my fifth rezday today, but the silly typist had some ridiculous singing practice thing and then was procrastinating on a web project.

But hey, here’s another example of “good press” for Rod Humble, Linden Labs, Creatorverse, Patterns, and oh, yeah, Second Life.

It makes perfect sense that Humble would wind up at Linden Lab, the company best known for the virtual world Second Life. It’s as successful a canvas for the communal creation of a virtual world as there’s been. It’s been a viable digital canvas for about a decade now has been populated by users who make their own buildings and vehicles, who design contraptions, contort physics, stage elaborate events, form societies, and pioneer the art of inhabiting elaborate second skins that express inner or otherwise impossible creativity and desires.

Humble became CEO at Linden Lab almost two years ago. The release of Patterns is the first product of his tenure there. It’s a $10 download for now. It’s very early on, but buying now ensures people—"founders"—will get the updates and eventually the finished thing. It’s the Minecraft model.

via Forget Playing Games. Meet the Man Who Wants to Empower You to Make Games

I like the description of SL, and a commenter notes,

Bravo Kotaku, the first Second Life article I have read here that didn’t refer to anything sordid.

Rod Humble is doing great stuff at LL, I for one have been thoroughly enjoying Patterns and cannot wait to try Creatorverse.

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