Category Changes for Second Life Marketplace – Virtual Food Categories NOMNOMNOM

An interesting development – Ciaran Laval noted that Second Life Marketplace is running some kind of contest to name new Female Skins subcategories – the prize is $L2489, enough to pay for a month of front page ads.

Of more specific interest – some of the things I make (fountains, floor lamps and desk lamps) are going to have their own categories.

My friend Mistletoe might possibly be interested in the new expanded Food and Drink categories. Hmm.

Recreation and Entertainment/Food and Drink
Add “Food”. Under “Food”, add the following

  • Add “Fruits & Vegetables”
  • Add “Vegetables”
  • Add “Meat, Fowl & Seafood”
  • Add “Desserts”
  • Add “Cookies & Snacks”
  • Add “Breads”
  • Add “Breakfasts and Cereal”
  • Add “Canned Goods”
  • Add “Candy”
  • Add “Full Meals”
  • Add “Dairy”
  • Add “Grains & Pasta”
  • Add “Condiments”
  • Add “Spices & Baking”
  • Add “Sandwiches”
  • Add “Fast Food”

Add “Drinks” Under “Drinks”, add the following:

  • Add “Coffee & Tea”
  • Add “Soda”

Add “Alcoholic Beverages”. Under “Alcoholic Beverages”, add the following:

  • Add “Beer”
  • Add “Wine”
  • Add “Liquor”
  • Add “Water”
  • Add “Juice”
  • Add “Milk”

via Marketplace/2012 Category Changes – Second Life Wiki

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